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Abstract, Turntablism: Semi-rough Jungle slides into pretty and intelligent as the tape moves on.

Adrian Lestat, Plan Toys: Chicago DJ with a solid house sound. That wonderful house between Garage and Progressive.

Alain del Corazon , Ritmo de la Vida (live at Zebra): Latin House seems to be coming back in a big way but this time it is not cheesy. Percussive and musical not that vocal

Andre Lucero, Recorded @ Chrysalis: Techno, Hard Trance and even a slight progressive vibe , smooth and compelling, not jarring or too "intelligent". Wish I was there.

Andrew Rawnsley, Mutant Disco: Incredible Disco House.

Andrew Rawnsley, In the Zone: The music editor of XLR8R and former Garage purist has lost his mind. Slamming Jungle hard and fast ! on the tape it says "explorations in deep jungle" …deep is hard! On the verge of irresponsible. (see definitions)

Andrew Rawnsley, Freeform: Rawno starts with what he calls deep (he calls everything deep) house/techno and sets smooth vibe and then keeps the vibe going in a higher gear a la Jungle.

Andrew Rawnsley, The Magician: Tech-House with some thoughtful interludes and a super underground vibe.

A.T.O.I., Vol 1 : Ambient Temple of the Imagination is into heavy shit man. This is not an ambient tape of the chill variety. Sequenced rhythms and multi-track layering deliver a trancy, ambient thriller.

Bam Bam, Transformation One:

Bam Bam, Transformation Two:

Barnes,Within an infinate Realm:

Binnie, Olympic: I get a feeling this kid is very smart. Awesome Techno quick pace some hard and some more trancey

Bobby Reno,Frequency:

Bone, Live in Detroit: High energy dance music in a low-tech package. Bone spins and backspins progressive techno and house.

Bones,Born to Be House:Bare bones acid house-beats and boingy sounds.

Bones,ClymaxAcid and House .

Bones,Love is a Mystery: Deep Vocal House with acid/garage beats.

Buna's, Biscuit Mix: Funky Down-tempo and breaky trippy from one of the E.T.I. people. He has been playing upstairs at the weekly "Roots" and is well baked.

B.V. Dub, Profondita: Brock used the words "soft-tech House". I'll be using those words from now on. Sort of a rainy day techno with warm tones throughout. This guy has high standards and it shows.

Carlos,Powerhouse: High energy house with some dj tricks.

Carlos,Illusion: House and ravey techno/house, scratching.

Carlos,MDMA: Very nice house, vocal yet energetic.

Carlos,Love is the Law: side one is house and acid trance, side two is smooth house, dj tricks include equalization manipulation.

Carlos, Deep: As the title suggests this is not a scratching high energy Carlos, this is a sensitive warm tape…with no cover.

Carlos Miguel, Meeting Ganesh: Big pumping progressive acid-House. This is a Seattle DJ being distributed by House Vibes. Very current sound.

Chach,Higher Realms: Live Feb 94. Trance on the lite acid- techno(+8?)tip.

Christophe,The Pressure:

Christophe,Sorted 3:

Christophe,a La Familia:

Christopher Lawrence,Temporal Rift: Starts out like generic acid trance but by the time it is on side two you start to get shivers up your spine.

Christopher Lawrence, MetaMorphosis: Progressive trance pretty and moving wonderful mixing.

Claude Young, Dexit: Awesome Mid-West Techno mixed so nice. Percussive mental grooves.

Corbin,Jazzymanjazzy: 60 min. of acid jazz by spiral jive dj corbin. $10

Corbin, Headspace 1: Trip-hop and Jungle can be mixed. As in beats and everything.

Give it a try. Maybe this tape could get you started

Charlie, Gardening Club: $10.00 tape Eclectic Ambient Sixties Jungle FAX chill out.

CJ Peak, A Twist of Lime: This is my favorite of a bunch of tapes I got from this East Coast (House of Musique) DJ. SOMA-esque somewhere between House and Techno no vocal warm sophistiated good pace killer tape.

CJ Peak, Chateau Noir: NY Deep House

Dan,Live Mixes: Double pack from Organic, Funky Techno Tribe and Come/Unity. Big hits; high energy house and some acidy stuff + vocals. 2 for$16.

Dan,Double pack1&2: One tape is a tribute to James Brown, funky with tracks and mixes using JB. The live tape is more ravey funky techno bits-o-breaks. 2 for $16.

Dan,Doublepack 3&4: This one is high energy Dan, not hardcore but not that housey. 2 for $16

Dan,Jolly House Jams: Big flavorful house !

Dan, Funky Green Project: Perhaps one of the strangest tapes I have ever heard. House and ravey techno and back again , alot happens in this 90 min. of high energy.

Dan,S.F.Housing Project:

Dan,House the Discoteque:

Dan,Wicked Burning Frenzy: In his own opinion , the best hardcore tape he ever made, Breakbeat hardcore techno.

Dan-Ron D Core,DX2 #1: "the Anthem" and other harcore rave hits and wistle blowing madness.

Dan-Ron D Core,DX2 #2: Tape includes original release by Dan and X-pando. Both sides hardcore techno, Dan has more breakbeat.

Dan-Ron D Core,DX2 #3:

Daniel, Experimental Soundscapes vol 1: I will get around to volume 2 next time but for now Vol 1 is awsome….Intelligent ambient techno trance and then a wash of sound then whooooo….a big smack ball of Dubby Bass hits your 3rd Chackra and you are sold..

Daniel, Spiral Dance: This is an acid black-light psychedelic affair with a high end head spinning GOA unrelinting trip.

Dano, The Journey Begins: Starts with familiar house tracks and moves on

Dara,Hit the Breaks: Hardcore Jungle techno

Dara,Big Up: Hardcore ragga dub ambi ballistic mellodious jungle vibe. Watched him mix it and it was thrilling.

Das,Dreamtime: Taped about the same time as a party he threw august '94. Progressive trance and acid.

Daum, Daydream: Very funky musical down-tempo flawless mix.

Deadly Buda, Situations: Hardcore starting with samples ending in a more pure electronic distortion thing.

Deaks, Random $10.00 Tapes with Shitty Covers: Pro-Soy, Cloud Factory, Friends and Family DJ, Deaks can make a party go off like no other and these are his first publicly available tapes. High energy rave techno trance.

Demigod,1, or 2:Both of these hardcore tapes by a dj from S.F. now in L.A. , could be said to be the only ultra-hardcore from S.F. The highest speed on yer blender.

Dervish, House Without Walls: Spiritual trancey house. Mellow and trippy.

DJ Disciple, The Essential Mix: Garage. Underground, Shuffly almost Disco at times.

Doran, 2010: Pretty trance of the kind that might get played at the 2010 olympics.

Doran, Innocence: Pretty trance with spine tingly moments of bliss!

Doran,Paradigms: Trance this time a bit dryer and more serious.

Doran, Eternity: This is a step further than the pretty trance he usually mixes. This is an excursion into Nu-energy Mount Olympus Style Ambrosia!

DRC,the Jungle:from '92 tribal house with an edge.

DRC,Psychotropical: This has more trance and less house and very tribal with some exotica flavor.

DRC,Irontale:The hardest yet. Hard tribal techno with an industrial flair, moments of breakbeat, cyborg on cover sez it all.

DRC,Ritual Addiction:tribal-trance with an exotica flavor . Some house too.

DRC,Eargasmika: Tribal trance/house deep not sappy , intricate yet not manic.

DRC, In Between Worlds: Trancey German sounds with an anti-heroin theme.

DRC, Programed: Drc said this was stuff she has been playing for the last year. It is banging acid trance with some high-energy flavor near the end.

Dutch,Escapades in Trance:Limited Double Pack of trance/progressive house hits of '93. Nice package and coloured tapes.

Dutch,The Funky Void:Trancey ravey tape. Sounds of the good 'ol days.

Dutch,Aphrodisiac: House side and acid side both deep yet not swishy.

Dutch,Burning Chrome: Acid techno and trance , thankfuly not progressive more quality electronica.

Dutch, Panopticon: This is a mixed Goa Trance tape (a rare thing). TIP influenced. One side is "prettier" than the other.

Dutch, Area 51 Live: This was the first time I am aware of that Goa Trance was played on a Big system at a 2000+ person party in San Francisco.

EA Paul, #11: Odd ambient with some trance and eclectic odd bits with some Transpersonal lecture stuff. This guy is my favorite ambient tape maker.It may be more than you can deal with…

EA Paul, Radio Mix #12: Last time I reviewed one of these I said it was the wierdest tape we had. It is still wierd but it has heavy trip-hop/illbient flavor. There is also a certain Option magazine vibe - genre surfing beyond what even the most ecclectic "rave" dj is capable

EA Paul, Red Spectrum Radio #15: Ethnic Avante-Ecclectic Folk Pop with almost no rave music. Rave relief by the creator of the strangest tapes we sell.

EA Paul, Autumn's Ushered Ears: The First tape is Back! This is a Halloween tape with narations and creepiness.Ambient Industrial soundscape New Wave.

EBE Audio, Elastic Boogaloo:

Elf,Stoned: great mixed house on the trippy side with phat beats.

Elf,Mach One: Spock on the cover. Hard house beats and trippy stuff.

Elf,Stop Rockin: Trip hop beginning into a range of old and new house.

Emma (DIY) , Phonic Fascination: Warm Pierre-esque House moves into some Funky Stuff. This is what 1994/1995 sounded like in San Francisco.

Ethan,Acid Test: Hard acid. Detroit and Belgian blend. Like his FFII set.

Ethan, Technosis: Trancy techno very smooth and never silly.

Evil Eddie Richards, A Private Party: Tech-House with energy yet smooth. A live tape from "By the People" with cover art by Owen. We played it over and over at the map point last night.

DJ F, Subversive Beats: Trip-Hop funky and bass heavy.

Flux, Drum n Bass: Intelligent Jungle with some fast ripping tracks.

Flux, San Franjungleisco: Flux is on tour with Spaz but his new tape was just brought in …Understandddd… Jungle with slight hip hop tough references sound effects and shimmies.

Felix the Dog, Swamp Thing: Black Diamond pimp/DJ lays down on a thick trip/hop dub Qualude on the bar in front of you and gives you a whisky chaser

Jonathan Gage, Ritmo Rico: Latin Acid Lounge, The sun is rising and you are tore up…put in the tape you are still fabulous! Santana-esque.

Garth,Skunk Funk: Percusive, non-vocal high energy tribal house.

Garth,EZ Skankin: Vocal house mixed into psycedelic bouncey trip.

Garth,Share: Smooth mature blends of UMMish house.

Garth, Come Down Massive: Morning tribal. Relaxed yet intense percusive journey.

Garth,Break it Down: hard fast funky house, lots of flavor and energy.

Garth,Smokin: House,deep and acidy ,not much vocals. Incredible mixing makes it so you can never again hear one song with out thinking of the next.

Garth, Feel the Love:

Garth, Feel the Vibe:

Garth, House Nation:

Garth, No Rest For the Wicked: Cd of good moovin funky disco tribal acid house.

Garth, Gangster Groove 3: Bootlegged at Pure Space this one was good enough to be put out more than a year (maybe 2) after the recording was made. Acid House with some classics.

Garth, Discover: Live at Come/Unity upbeat funky house with other flavors mixed in.

Garth, Superjams: Sunrise session Wicked '96. House with Disco and Funk flavors lots of guitar, horn, keybord musical stuff. And it's Phat too!

Garth , Live in LA: From a wicked in LA , more funky house …this one's kind of heavy.

Garth, Live Come/Unity 10/2/96: This is the Garth you either hate or you love. Starting with Guitar based House with trippy sound effects and ending in Disco-Pop. Garth tweaks the mix on side 2 and makes disco go mental.

Graeme, Live at FUTUR: Ultra trippy cosmic wizard acid house.

Graeme, Live at Simon's: We have heard so frequently that Simon's in Florida goes off... This is definately the best Graeme tape I have heard. Techno-trance with guts and grace and wierdness.

Graeme, Spectrum: Organic techno-trance with some tribal acid House flair. Super cool.

Gavin Hardkiss, 1st Glimpse:

Goa Gil, Alpha,Beta,Delta,Theta,Omega: The Summer 5 tape set as usual is ordered with a theme and purpose theoretically designed to reflect a full evening of Goa trance and all the states one may achieve. $15 per tape. $75.00 total.

Ghost / Frank Nitty, Funky Enough?: These are the main DJ's of the East Bay circle dancing festivals. They know what flys and they know whats Phat. Major props to these guys for hanging tight and providing the toons to a dangerous generation. Breaks, Funky Acid, Hella Tight!!

H.D.W.,Fluid Fire Two: Bryce gives a ambient and techno 60min sample of tracks he favored in '93.

James Dee, Passions Process: This is a Trance tape with a lot of energy. Haven't tried it yet (car has 8-track) but this could be the ultimate driving tape.

Jas,Open House:

Jas, ie Lesti Hombre:

Jason Blakemore, Give: DJ Trance has changed his name. This is Progressive, Acid touch o breaks.


Jazz-e, Next Generation:


Jazz-e, Just for Fun: Just as you think you are listening to a Ktel presents "disco fever" 8-track, hella' fat breaks bust in with a scratch or two. Retro side

and Toy side.

Jazz-e, Xquisite: Jazz-e is a DJ with skill and this is a scratching break-beat extravaganza. Hella Phat Dude!

Jazz-e, Acid Test: This is the hardest and first time I have heard Jazz-e play like this. Acid House, Techno, and some Breaks.

Jeno,Inside the Mind: The tape many say is the proof that San Francisco rules all. Thoughtful, psychadelic, deep and groovy. Acid house.

Jeno,Bang the drum: Less acid more rythm this tape will never give you a headache.

Jeno,We Are Phuture: Acid house full of acid hits. Electric.

Jeno, Energy:

Jeno, Rise:

Jeno, House Reality:

Jeno, Soul Creation: After 3 live releases some thought this home tape might never be made. Acid House starting with some vocal tracks and getting mental yet groovy.

Jeno, Come-Unity 5 year: Groovy yet mental, This tape is one you could listen to forever.

Jeno, CU live 7/3/96: This one has some house flavors but is a bit harder than any "official" tape by Jeno. Acid House at a sweaty full on night at 1015.

Jeno, Live at the Deep: The Deep was a party in Santa Cruz this was the last night. It is a chugging make you dance House tape with even a small break in there, John Madden sample. A Must have for any fan of the S.F. sound.

John Howard,Movin' On: Deep house,vocals, almost acid jazz live Aug. 27th

John Howard,Below Low:

John Howard,Nite Jungle:

John Howard, Live in Dallas w/15 min o'Mark Farina: Cop Show House, Funky chase scene soundtrack.

John Howard, Live at the Jungle, Hawaii: Magnum PI has got nothing on John Howard! Funky breaky cop show chase with electro interludes… Some one bumped the table so this one has a boo-boo but its $10 cause John loves you baby!

John Howard, Live at Sunset: Fun House from Sunset (Pacific's free summer outdoor weekly) I think during one of the boat parties. Nobody plays funky house like John.

John Howard, The John Howard Sound Experience: Cop Show chase scene and deep funky house. Butt Wiglin' Fat Ass John Howard -Yes!

Jon Wesley, Re evolver: Disco House , not tooo disco-y but a fast paced house tape with lots of disco musicality.

Jon Wesley, Union: One of the best House tapes I have at the moment. So warm you could wet yourself.


Josh, The Gathering: I suppose this was the December 1996 Gathering at Home Base in Oakland, CA. 1st one I missed but now I got a tape. Josh used to play last and play morning music, but this is more middle of the party Progressive Funky Stuff.

Lee, Resonate: This is Acid Trance from the FnF DJ who is now in LA. Hard yet uplifting.

Len Sobeck, Rock Da' House: I like breaks but I hate lame samples and greasey kid stuff.... This is the closest to my fantasy (Sophisticated Breaks and Breaks for Gentlemen) I have heard.

Mark Farina, House Construction: Understated but not minimal this is a house tape you can listen to over and over and there never occurs a moment which makes you think you should change the tape.

Markie,One Night of Heaven: Some sweet some hard proving his reputation as one of the most creative djs of acid house.


Markie,Rush On:

Markie,Come Together:

Marques Wyatt

Moonpup, Beets 4 Freaks: CD mixed Triphop - The Pup is Back!

Nigel Richards, 2nd Floor Weirdness: Mellow classy - intelligent techno/ tech-house.

Nobel, Phunk-a-fied: Here we go, big current breaky bombs and building progressive party anthems, the rave is on!

Noel, Phruition: Bass Crew/Phunkatec Junglist this $10 (60 min) tape is intelligent and hard.

John Pabulum, Head Art: This is a Detroit track monster with props to all the big boys. So if you need to impress a hardheaded techno snob or if you are one yourself, check out this pounding , clicking , beeping filter fest.

Paucus, Candy Drop: Techno with some House grooves. Wonderful energy and great mixing.

Pleasure from the Budda group, Rare groove.

Phil Smart, Down to Earth: Australia's top DJ spins trance and progressive in a very cool way.

Polywog, This is the Shit: The lady who invented ecclectic, Jungle …childrens music, Dub..

Polywog, In Tha Mood: Jungle and Seventies Rock.

Professor Smith, Something Strange: I have heard him use the term 'illbient' - it's dubby and wierd. (that's good)

R.A.W., Hell Born: Obscene brutal Gabber full of ignorance and speed. As far-gone in this direction as I have heard.

Rick Preston, Helix: House grooves with a Chicago track or two, Deep non-vocal and solid.

Ron D. Core,Acid Test 2: Its a double with packaging , candy, 1 tape is old acid-good stuff but not ron -like. tape 2 is new acid !

Ron D. Core,No Doz:

Ron D. Core,Acid Test:

Ron D. Core,Born in the South:

Ron D. Core,Psychotic Episodes:

Ron D. Core, Robin,Possessed:

Ron D. Core, Louis Love, Vynil Meltdown:

Ron D. Core, Louis Love, Mental Genocide:

Ron D. Core, Funny Farm:

Ron D. Core and friends,CALIFORNIIA PROJECT: 8djs 16tapes 24hrs of music,ron,simply jeff,drc,jon bishop,dj dan,vitamin d,dj trance,theo; this is the ultimate rave present at $120.00 ,200 only, very nice and fun package.

Ron D Core, Cluster Fuck: A two tape set - this baby has a nasty cover and is hard fast techno with lots of tricks and astoundingly offensive hardcore. $24.00

Robbie Hardkiss, Live at Pure Space: The ultimate hardkiss experience with Scott on the sampler its a funky progressive piece of majic.

Sean Thomas/ Rob Paine, Chocol-it!: August 6 1996 two DJ live mix from Philly. House and Tracky house.

Shakra,Vision On: Dub ambient almost trancey. You need some good speakers to get all the bass.

Sho, A Vicious Circle: Deep and arty techno from this Midwest now S.F. Mad resident.

Simply Jeff, #1

Simply Jeff, Hypnosis

Simply Jeff, Collective: double pack for $20 best collection of progressive house from 93' .

Simply Jeff, Live at Disco- Charlotte, NC, Plastic- SF, CA: Breakbeat acid much like and probably including his vinyl

Simply Jeff, Funk-n-Trip:

Simply Jeff,Orange Project:

Simon, Song to the Siren:

Simon, Hands of Time:

Simon, Narcotic:

Simon, CU live 4/3/96: This tape is Progressive acid House and some breaks. Really well rounded tape and as usual Simon played a set that people talked about all the next day.

Sotero, Build: Funky high energy breaks and Acid and its a great tape!

Sotero, One of Us: Big Progressive House tape that really gives the impression that this DJ has the skills and records for that crucial 2-3:30 slot.

Spaz, Bass Travellers: Original techno on a Jungle tip from the most underground SF crew $10. Just back from tour.

Spiral Tribe, Comin at Ya: The unpretentious working class techno thing impresses me in a big way. Prols can mix.

Spun,Live at Stanford: Rocking spacy house with lot o bass.

Spun,G12: Stoner house, hip-hop,raggae dub.

Spun,Whatever: Long intro turns into bassy acid house.

Spun,What We Do Is Secret: Bassy trip-hop house super phat!.

Spun,Ho Ho Ho: LTD mellow house from pure space.

Spun, If You Turn On: CD this is the way to hear deep spun bass.

Spun, Orange Sunshine: This is an old tape and starts with some talk about LSD then goes to the bass-heavy House and Breaks.

Spun, Out 1+2, 3+4: Two tapes from a long End Up set. The End Up is a great place to hear Spun The tweaky crowd gets some grounding as well as some sexy fun.

Spun, Big Bambu: The last Spun tape was House and this one takes off from there but gets more complicated and thoughtful. Intelligent House?

Star Eyes, Ruffage: Star Eyes' second tape and it is great. Jungle Ruff'n' hard with great hooks and lots of bass a quick favorite of every one in the store

Stellar Trax Sound System International , Arabasiadub Volume One: This is that Planet Dog/On-U Sound kind of tape that you burn incense to and recline on your Persian rug and serve hummus to your friends. $10.00

Steve Loria, Visit the Moon: Live from "The Moon". After that party this set was considered the best of an incredible night. The tape has been lovingly mastered and re-mastered. Cover by Owen. Prog. House/ tech-House/ soft-Tech

TerenceToy,Spundae ,Release 2 , Realease, Vibes, 1-16,Parlament II, Logic: These tapes, mostly from parties, are good new york style house from a dj who has been spinning house for a long time. He has over 20 tapes and are all cadallac.

Terence Toy, Torture Vibes: Non-Vocal House with that Carl Craig-ish smooth but harder sound

Terence Toy, Live at Jazid up: This is Rare-groove and Acid Jazz that is like a radio show in 1975 or something as great as that.

Terence Toy, Afterdark: Classic House from 1982-89 beautiful selections and mixes as usual. 'T wants to educate you about the roots of house.

Terence Toy, Vicious: New York Style Deep House with bitchy flavors. Had one of my more obnoxious customers in a tizzy.

Terence Toy, Praise Him: Gospel House ...that means singing and soul with fat House beats. Smooth mix as usual.

Terry Mullan, New School Fusion vol. 1: Terry Mullin is one of the great DJ's working now in the opinion of many people I have spoken with. He has the ability to reach a wide variety of people with his selections of old and new Acid House.

Thad, Distant Hopes: Jungle on the Dark side ripping drums and sound effects, no ragga

Thad , Let the Beauty in Your Eyes Shine: Thad must be having romance because the last two have been less dark and more vocal. Jungle for your girlfriend.

Thomas Michael,Hercules

Thomas Michael, Muses:

Thomas Michael,#3

Tony, the Dream:


Tony,Rising High:

Tony,The Gathering:

Tracy, Live at Tribal Future: It was cold and tribal that night…she plays hard house and acid to keep your blood warm and groovy.

Trance, West Coast Energy: Acidy Trance/House very constant trippy subtle groove with occasional break.

Categories and genres exist only to help describe the differences in mood and tempo .

House: 112-136 Beats Per Minute, consistent but not as monotonous as trance. Produced with rhythm machines with an emphasis on funky groovy.

Techno:120-144 BPM . Rhythms and sounds do not imitate non-electric instruments; techno explores the possibilities of new technologies

Trance:120-144 BPM.

long drawn-out layered

techno ,subtle and intricate for a long trip.

Hard-core: 144+ BPM. Comes in Regular and Breakbeat (Jungle).. Pure techno adrenal pump

Progressive: a term usually attached to house , implying a futuristic and highly polished production.

Tribal: can have lots of indigenous samples and hand percussion but can also describe a primal approach to rhythm.

Acid: boingy electro punctuations

Dub: slow, deep and processed with lots of echoes.

Ambient: can have beats but probably won't focus on them. Variable attention requirements.

Acid Jazz: jazz elements structured around a Hip Hop beat.

Hip Hop: 90-120 BPM breakbeat rhythms , lots of bass and snare.

Industrial: Can mean dance music with abrasive textures or experimental sound sculpture of a confrontational nature