Mixed tapes: Available Stock

These are mostly DJ mix tapes. If you don't know what that means then don't order them. If you do, check the box next to the tape you would like.

Tapes are not returnable except for defective exchange for same tape.

DJ SunFlowrFish, Analogue Radio Chaos: Fresh from the SPAZ crew an actual DJ mix tape. Spaz usually is a combination of live techno acts and odd DJ sets. Mostly Jungle but you can't wait to hear the "Radiate-Blondie/Jungle  mix. Fun, Wacky and Solid all at the same time. $10.00

Jason Blakemore, Give: DJ Trance has changed his name. This is Progressive, Acid touch o breaks. $10.00

Jason Blakemore, Humanism: DJ Trance from the same period (1 year ago). Also Progressive, Acid touch o breaks. $10.00

DJ Disciple, The Essential Mix: Garage. Underground, Shuffly almost Disco at times. $13.00

CJ Peak, Chateau Noir: NY Deep House $6.00

Andrew Rawnsley, Queen of the Thrones of the Earth: Some occult dabblings must have inspired this moody techhouse.dec 96. $13.00

Andrew Rawnsley,21 degrees Scorpio: Tech-House again with the dabblings and very limmited (10) hence the majic marker cover. $13.00

Andrew Rawnsley, Just Kickin it with My Soul: Back to his garage with strong kicks.. $13.00

Andrew Rawnsley, Freeform: Half Jungle Half tech-house smooth.. $13.00

Arkay, The Jack of Surfaces: High energy progressive house. $8.00

Arkay, Licorice Strap: up-beat house with a pop flair. $8.00

Sean Thomas/ Rob Paine, Chocol-it!: August 6 1996 two DJ live mix from Philly. House and Tracky house.$10.00

Rob Paine, Live at Move IT: May 18th 1996 .House and Tracky house.$10.00

O'Keef/ Rob Paine, Bust-it!: June 3rd 1995 two DJ live mix from Philly. House and Tracky house.$10.00

O'Keef, Colourform: .Some House and Tracky housebut a bit trippy and mello.$10.00

Tang, 5-Recycled: Hard Trance with Agility and Prowess. Flirting with Goa and Cyber and more. $13.00

Binnie, 5Lower Shop: Techno and Cyber mixed by a very smart kid. $13.00

Blake Baxter, Save the Vinyl: Techno by a  Master. $13.00

James Fedele, Live at the Moon Room: Techno 8/8/96. $10.00

EA Paul, Red Spectrum Radio #15: Ethnic Avante-Ecclectic Folk Pop with almost no rave music. Rave relief by the creator of the strangest tapes we sell.$13.00

EA Paul, Autumn's Ushered Ears: The First tape is Back! This is a Halloween tape with narations and creepiness.Ambient Industrial soundscape New Wave. $13.00

EA Paul, Radio Mix #12: Last time I reviewed one of these I said it was the wierdest tape we had. It is still wierd but it has heavy trip-hop/illbient flavor. There is also a certain Option magazine vibe - genre surfing beyond what even the most ecclectic "rave" dj is capable $13.00

EA Paul, Radio Mix #13: Another ecclectic must. $13.00

Jonathan Gage, Ritmo Rico: Latin Acid Lounge, The sun is rising and you are tore up…put in the tape you are still fabulous! Santana-esque. $13.00

Astronout, Untitled: Somebody from the bay area is responsible for this Electronic Soundworks $8.00

SPAZ Audio, Bass Travellers: Excellent Original Jungle influenced Techno Dub. $10.00

THX1138@aol.com , untitled: Another Bay Area techno noodler, $6.00

Robbie , Robbies Angelic Voices: San Jose not Hardkiss, House $6.00

Robbie , Robbies Greatest Hits: San Jose not Hardkiss, House $6.00

Robbie , Lysergicquintadimensions: San Jose not Hardkiss, House $6.00

Stonie, Home Bass: Original Music 60min $5.00

Matrix, Planet X Robley: Original Music 30 min $4.00

Mike Huckaby, Kiss FM London: Progessive House with Radio Voice Overs $5.00

Tropes ,Housework: NYC DJ $6.00

Joy ,Eternal Forthcomming: Live PA $5.00

Hypnotic 23/Nikadeemas, Stereotyped: techno-trance. $10.00

Kid Bippy, SuperDuperOutaSight: Bipulations. $7.00

Test Tube, untitled: swiss techno artist $5.00

Daniel, SpaceBass: Trance from Moontribe $10.00

Daniel, Venus: Trance from Moontribe $10.00

Ron D. Core, Born in the South: Prog House nasty cover $7.00

HDW ,Fluid Fire Too:.  FnF member techno mix early days $5.00

Astroblaq ,Concrete Phenomena:.  Short But twisted mix  collage $5.00

Frank Richards, Rejuvinate: House $8.00

DJ Monsta, 100 or more flavors/flavours: Good mellow tech hose from a British Drop in. $10.00

Skreem, Blood in the decibels: Audio Magazine with noise and Hardcore. $10.00

Bocephus and Chad,The Kitfo Kid: My little brothers demented Mac-made show tunes. $10.00

Jeno, San Francisco: CD. $17.00


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