Matty B AKA Ripper

MattyB truckin in Mayan Hemp
  • [6]19970000-1. Various DJsAmeba 97Loren - Matty B1:19:52 115,022Kdownload
    • Genre - House
    • Comments - Loren and Matty B.
  • [5]19970000-2. Various DJsAmeba 97Matty B - Goura1:19:33 114,572Kdownload
    • Genre - House, Techno
    • Comments - Matty B and Goura.

In the 90s Ameba no longer had hot chick employees for the trendoid cyber geeks that we pandered to. Instead we had Matty B. He could put up with my lack of humor and Mark and Tracy's fighting, Andrew (Astral Matrix) and Matty B riffing on the scene with some Pope, Geoff sleeping in the MattyB hanging in Mayan Hempback and Bicycle James and the Captain looking more furry than the Freak Bros.; because this was business as usual. Matt would come down after the XLR8R boys had had enough, and spin some records. We listened to a lot of his handbag but the only recording of him from this period we have is at the Ameba Haight Street UnFair in 1997, the year Ameba closed.